“I would highly recommend Ryan D, PT in Bluffton. He is very experienced, knowledgeable, organized and professional. He has a wonderful rapport with his clients, and I will miss going to PT.”

“Ryan is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He caters to your rehabilitation individually…this is not a one size fits all operation. I have been to many PTs in many states. They are the best.”

“My referral was in the hope of relieving ongoing symptoms from a traumatic head injury. Ryan Dromsky coupled with his approach to manual therapy helped me tremendously. He helped me back to my old self (which, I think, is a good place for me). Thank you, Ryan.

“Dr. Ryan is a remarkable therapist. Unfortunately, I have had a lot of physical therapy for several injuries and conditions throughout the last 30 years. Ryan is on of the top two therapist I have ever seen. He is extremely knowledgeable and skilled. He is a healer. I started with him a few weeks ago. I was unable to walk without a cane due to sciatica. I have reduced my medication by more than half and no longer need a cane to walk.”

“Ryan is an amazing physical therapist. I had been in a car accident and have a neck injury. He takes the time to explain and answer all my questions (and I always have questions)! His care, compassion and ability are top-notch, and he has an awesome sense of humor which helps to make p/t fun!”

“Ryan is FANTASTIC! Hands down, the best physical therapist in all of Bluffton. I went to him a few years ago for a pain in my foot, and more recently for a neck/spinal injury. Ryan quickly located the source of the pain and not only helped me fix it, but also provided me with many exercises and advice for how to avoid or alleviate the pain in the future. Ryan went above and beyond by also helping me understand the source of chronic back pain and headaches I had been having for YEARS. I literally cried in my car when I was discharged because I had been struggling with the pain for so long that I forgot how great it felt to live without it. Almost a year later, and I still do not struggle with the chronic pain like I used to because Ryan gave me the tools needed to help myself. Along with the amazing care, Ryan was extremely patient and answered the many (and I’m sure, kind of dumb) questions I had very thoroughly and in a way that helped me understand. Make an appointment with Ryan right now! Seriously, it will change your life.”

“I saw Ryan for my chronic lower back issues. He was very tentative and professional to my concerns. I received at home exercises from him that helped immensely. Great guy!!”

“Exceptional service!”

“Truly caring and professional care!”

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